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Image evolution using GA

This is result of image evolution using genetic algorithm:

download: mona_lisa.svg

I'm not ready yet to publish the web page because it's not finished. Here are some of the features (almost ready):

  • export DNA
  • Import DNA
  • export SVG
  • adding different shapes (curves and circles for now)
  • automatically exports dna ( this saves you from crash in Google Chrome - reload the page and press import)

Planned features

  • adding gradient fill
  • combining 2 images to produce next generation
  • a population with many images to choose from
  • automatic sync with the server. This will make all visitors of the site part of a super computer. If it takes one day to make this image, what will it happen if you can “run” 10 years in one day.

Comming soon:

  • more images from testing the script.
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