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Dell SATA Drivers Install

1. Using Floppy

2. Integrating driver into OS Installation

3. Installing driver on already installed OS

First you need to determine what is your SATA Controller model number is. Look on Dell site for your chipset, then look on intel site for chipset details: For example my Dell Latitude D630 has ICH8M IO controller. and I see the number ICH8M in my storage controller description.

IO Controller SATA Controller
ICH8 Base 82801HB
ICH8R 82801HR
ICH8DH 82801HH
ICH8DO 82801HO
ICH8M Base 82801HBM
ICH8M-E Enhanced 82801HME
  • Then go to Storage controller and choose Update driver.
  • Select Intel MSM Driver and choose SATA Controler which corresponds to your IO Chip number (ICH8M) in my case.
  • Reboot
  • Press F2 to go to BIOS.
  • Change SATA controller to AHCI mode
  • (optional) Enable Flash Cache Module
  • Save/Exit
  • If you computer fails to boot - restart and choose “Last known working configuration” on boot.

How to Install DE

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