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MC34063A development aid / calculator

MC34063A development aid

This is a simple-minded design tool that allows you to calculate component values MC34063A simple switcher chip. It displays the appropriate scematic diagram (step-up, step-down, or inverting) and checks for current and voltage limits. Feedback resistors are chosen from standard component values so that the output is as close to desired value as possible.

I created it as experiment to learn about client-side JavaScript programming and about how it interacts with input forms. Hopefully it proves useful for somebody. Typical input capacitor value is about 100uH, all electorlytics need to be low ESR types. The fast schottky diode should be sufficent for a current needed, 1N5818, 1N5819, 1N5820 and alike will do just fine.

Vin V
Vout V
Iout mA
Vripple mV(pp)
Fmin kHz

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